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This site, a work in progress, houses my writings and my interests.

I am a pediatric neurologist and a brain development researcher.  My main focus is autism.  After much thought, I have come to the formulation that autism may be most inclusively understood and helped through an inclusive whole-body systems approach, where genes and environment are understood to interplay.

My approach to autism is rooted both in my own research findings and in several decades of work prominently featuring systems theory and other interdisciplinary approaches.  The prominence of large brains in many young children with autism calls for fresh thought at many levels to how we think about what the problems and challenges are in autism, and what may cause them.

I also have great concerns about our planetary environment.  We are at an evolutionarily novel and grave turning point.  Given what is at stake, I propose that all of our challenges be viewed through this lens.  The nature and frequency of autism merits being viewed in this light.

Please join me in reflecting upon these and related concerns, and in formulating strategic and leveraged interventions.

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